Seasoned Commercial Door Specialists at Your Service

Mario Ramos, President and Founder
Mario has 40+ years of construction experience with 25 years specifically in doors, frames, and hardware. As a young man, Mario was employed as an iron worker and worked his way into drywall.

After working the next several years in drywall, Mario was recruited by a local remodeling company to lead the door and hardware installation division. It was from this opportunity that Mario found his passion, which led him to start TDHServices, Inc in 1999.

Julian Ramos, Vice President
Julian has 20+ years of construction experience solely in doors and hardware. At 16 years of age, Julian started working as a door and hardware installer during the summer while attending high school.

When he was 20 years old, Julian began to work full-time for TDHServices, Inc as an estimator while attending the University of Houston. Julian received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business – Management Information Systems (MIS) from UH. Julian currently is head of operations for TDHServices, Inc.

Cesar Leija, General Manager
Cesar has 20+ years of construction experience not only in doors and hardware but in drywall as well. Hard work, integrity, and excellent people skills have led Cesar up the chain to his current position as general manager.

Cesar schedules projects, troubleshoots technical issues, coordinates payroll, and communicates with general contractors to keep operations running smoothly.